When Trying to Conceive Affects Your Mental Health

If you are actively trying to conceive, and have been for some time, there is a good chance you live your life by the calendar. You may be hyper-focused on body temperature and signs of ovulation. You may use multiple fertility apps. This kind of vigilance lets you know your body well, but it’s also a step away from hijacking your mental health.

The Side Effects of Trying to Conceive

When you don’t have luck conceiving right away and have gone several months or years without getting pregnant, you can begin to feel the mental strain. Many women experience:

  • Depression: You may be unmotivated, tired, and not have the energy to exercise or eat right.
  • Anxiety: Your body may be in a constant state of high stress.
  • Guilt: You may feel like you’re to blame for not getting pregnant, for not providing grandchildren or expanding the family.
  • Shame: You may think there’s something you’re doing wrong that’s affecting your fertility.
  • Worthlessness: All you want is to be a mother and you may feel like you have no purpose without this title.
  • Social isolation: You may avoid friends or family so you’re not around pregnant women or babies.
  • Anger: You can easily become angry and resentful at doctors, your partner, yourself, and others.
  • Lack of focus: You may be consumed by trying to conceive or distracted by websites and monitoring your body that you can’t successfully focus on your job or anything else in your life.  
  • Sleeplessness: Worry, sadness, and any of the emotions listed here can affect quality sleep.

Any of these emotions can negatively impact fertility. There is serious unfairness in your body and brain revolting against you when your one goal depends on your body’s proper functioning. Trying to conceive can feel like a vicious cycle.

Be Hopeful Again

While you can’t control some things, you can control whether your body is operating at its peak by giving yourself the best chances of conceiving naturally.

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