It’s Not Your Fault If You Can’t Conceive

Many people who choose to start a family are stunned to find themselves experiencing infertility. They may conceive but then suffer miscarriage. They may not be able to conceive at all. This natural act that “everyone” seems to be able to do is not available to you. And, so, the blame game begins. There are so many women who point the finger at themselves as the reason they cannot get pregnant. But that simply isn’t true.

Infertility Is Not Failure

Women who are trying to conceive, especially those who have been trying for a long while, are quick to lay blame on themselves.

  • I waited too long to start a family. Certainly, age influences female fertility, but your ability to conceive does not plummet once you hit 30, 35, or even 40. The window may be getting smaller, but it is not completely shut.
  • I was on birth control for too long. Women make choices about how to protect themselves from unwanted pregnancy and hormonal contraceptives get the job done. These meds do not have a lasting effect on fertility.
  • I had an abortion. Some women are quick to punish themselves for choices they made in their past but having an abortion does not automatically contribute to infertility. The universe is not issuing payback now that you want a child.
  • I didn’t eat right when I was younger. Everyone has indulged from time to time. So maybe you didn’t eat your veggies and drank too much beer in college. Your fertility isn’t suffering now because of a young adult diet.

See the Reality of Infertility

Instead of looking for ways to punish yourself for infertility, view it for exactly what it is: a fluke, blip in the matrix, an unlucky draw. There are ways to improve your chances of conceiving naturally now.

  • If you are older: The number of viable eggs is reduced with age but holistic efforts can boost your likelihood of natural conception without needles, drugs, or expensive, painful procedures.
  • If you were on birth control: There would only be a temporary delay in conception immediately after getting off the birth control.
  • If you had an abortion: If the D&C was routine, done legally and safely, and there were no infections or complications, your chances of conceiving are not affected by an abortion.
  • If you ate poorly: That was a long time ago, but you can make the decision to eat as healthily as possible now, limit alcohol, and boost your wellness to make your body as ready for a baby as possible.

Stop Blaming Yourself for Infertility

If you are suffering with infertility, please do not blame yourself. Take action to increase your chances when you’re trying to conceive. At Efforos, we identify gaps in your health, pinpoint abnormal hormone levels, check the performance of your thyroid, and more.

We understand your lack of confidence in getting pregnant. We know you feel run down, beat down, and unloved by the universe. Let us support you on your journey and help you increase your chances of conceiving naturally. Contact Efforos today to schedule your consultation.