The Affordable Alternative to IVF

Many women have been told they can’t conceive without fertility drugs or IVF. But treatments like this are costly and stressful – and they’re still not a sure thing. There is another way to improve your body’s chances of conceiving without shots or meds and it relies on enhancing your body’s natural abilities.

How Is Your Wellness?

Many women who are trying to conceive, and who have been trying for some time without success, experience stress, heartbreak, depression, and so many negative emotions. It’s easy to fall into habits like drinking more alcohol, eating poorly, exercising less, and feeling unmotivated to pay attention to your body’s needs because it’s not giving you what you want. You may succumb to temptations since you can’t afford IVF anyway.

Anyone who has been on this TTC journey for any length of time without conceiving can relate. Do not feel guilty about anything you have indulged in to help yourself cope with this difficult experience. But do know that there are ways to help your body perform at its peak capacity – without IVF.

Many things could be affecting your ability to conceive:

  • You’re missing important vitamins.
  • You have an undiagnosed chronic condition.
  • Your thyroid isn’t working properly.
  • Your hormones are out of whack.

With the right testing, you can have the answers no doctor has been able – or willing – to give you.

Help Your Body Conceive Naturally Without IVF

Our bodies are made to conceive naturally, but sometimes our systems get mixed up, sometimes for no clear reason. The most important thing is to identify what’s out of order and right it quickly so you don’t lose any more time or go through more cycles than necessary without a plus sign at the end of it.

It’s OK to hope. It’s OK to believe that your body has the power to fix itself. Sometimes, you just need a little boost in the right direction.

Contact Efforos to get customized care and work with a team who will listen to you and guide you through your conception journey. Get the answers you need, achieve full-body wellness, and improve your chances of conceiving naturally without IVF, without going into debt.