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Balance your hormones with the right combination of nutrition, supplements, and lifestyle tweaks.

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Sometimes the struggle of fertility is real. The feeling can be lonely and hopeless.

Consider a natural approach to fertility.

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How It Works

1. Testing

Complete the easy to use test kit and send it back.

2. Analysis and Consultation

Get your personal analysis and consult with one of our practitioners.

3. Supplement

Follow the program design for you based on test results.


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About us

With more than 20 year’s experience in holistic health and functional medicine Efforos has helped countless patients increase their fertilely potential. Treating infertility in a natural and organic manner by understanding the body’s deficiencies is a great alternative to IVF. Supplementing what the body needs an easily lead to increased fertility.


I visited a couple fertility specialists and was not successful in results and answers. I looked into holistic medicine and acupuncture and that was when I found Efforos.


Efforos looked at the BIG picture. This was the first time I truly understood and learned what causes infertility. Gary changed our lives and we will be forever grateful for him.


After two months of diet change, acupuncture and herbs I conceived naturally.


I continued to use Efforos on and off and when I was ready to try for another baby we started therapy with a few different changes and I ended up pregnant a month later!


I was impressed with the whole process. A plan was designed for me after my results were posted. Supplements were given based on those results. My action plan was developed.


The Struggle is Real

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