IVF: Expensive, Risky, and Still Not a Sure Thing

There is a common assumption that when someone can’t get pregnant naturally, the next step is in vitro fertilization (IVF). That is not the case. IVF can cost as much as $15,000 per session, if not more, and the procedure is usually not covered by insurance. The risks of IVF are many and this fertility treatment can still result in heartbreak and disappointment.

IVF Isn’t for Everyone

The cost-prohibitive nature of IVF is the biggest reason many people are unable to pursue it. But some people choose not to do IVF because of religious or ethical objections. There is no wrong reason to say no to IVF and there are multiple reasons IVF isn’t the fertility method that’s right for you. Here are just some of the drawbacks.

  • Expensive: As stated, IVF is expensive, and saving for this unreliable treatment or trying to pay for it up front has put many people in debt.
  • Lengthy: When a woman is actively trying to conceive without success, all she does is watch the calendar. When the IVF process begins, it takes about six weeks from the start of the menstrual cycle to know how many viable embryos a woman has. Then, the following month, it takes about four to six weeks to prep the uterus before the embryo can be implanted.
  • Uncomfortable: From self-administering injections to cramping to discomfort during and after egg retrieval, IVF can be hard on the body.
  • Exhausting: The mental and physical demand of IVF can be exhausting. Bloodwork, birth control pills, hormone shots, egg retrieval, and implantation are the basic cycle of IVF, but add to that the mental roller coaster of the entire procedure and you will be physically and mentally wiped out.   
  • Risky: There are medical risks during each stage of IVF, and problems like ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome can develop or there can be complications during egg retrieval. Plus, a woman’s mental health can suffer through all the ups and downs, leading to depression or anxiety.
  • Mentally taxing: You will naturally feel highs and lows during IVF, hopeful and scared, excited and negative. But there are also the hormonal changes caused by the meds you need to take that can negatively affect your mental health.
  • Not a sure thing: No matter how many times you try, no matter how carefully you follow your doctor’s instructions, IVF is not a sure thing. It is one option – for some women – and its effectiveness is not guaranteed.

Improve Your Chances of Conceiving Naturally

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