Don’t Settle for an Unexplained Infertility Diagnosis

When a doctor can’t pinpoint why you are unable to conceive, an empty diagnosis like “unexplained infertility” does nothing for your hope or optimism. You already feel like your body doesn’t work right – you deserve to find out exactly what’s out of whack.

The Definition of Unexplained Infertility

Someone who is diagnosed with unexplained infertility fits into the following categories:

  • She ovulates regularly.
  • She has a good egg supply.
  • A dye test has shown that she has no blockages in her fallopian tubes.
  • She doesn’t have endometriosis.
  • His sperm quality meets normal standards.

For all intents and purposes, you should be able to conceive. Your body shows all signs of being fertile and healthy and working properly. But you’re not conceiving. So that leaves you disappointed month after month. That leaves you with the knowledge that your bodies are supposed to be able to create another human, but they’re not.

Your doctor may advise against fertility treatments because, “if you’re just patient, things could work out.” But you’re not patient – you’ve waited so long already. It’s time to act.

Identify an Underlying Condition

What your obgyn may not look at after your unexplained infertility diagnosis is the rest of your health. They are focused on your reproductive organs and that is their specialty. But what about your body as a whole? There are many things that could be going on that are affecting your ability to conceive.

  • Are you missing an important vitamin?
  • Do you have a chronic condition that has gone undiagnosed?
  • Are there gaps in your well-being?
  • Is your thyroid working properly?
  • Are all your hormones in order?

Unexplained infertility is not an answer for anyone who is trying to conceive. You have waited so long and hoped so much already – it is your right to want answers.

Get the Answers You Deserve

At Efforos, we will hear you out, discuss your health and well-being, and initiate you into our full-body wellness program. Let us help you identify what your body might be missing, what isn’t working properly, what’s getting in the way of allowing you to conceive naturally.

Contact us today to get customized care and work with an honest team that listens to you. Don’t lose anymore time – get answers and get on the road to building your family.