Celebs Struggle with Infertility Too

Celebrities are an elite group that seems to have unlimited funds to get whatever they want. If a celeb is struggling with infertility, they should be able to afford every possible type of treatment to help them conceive. True, stars have access to options that regular people do not – but some things cannot be changed even with money, as evidenced by actress Rebel Wilson’s recent fertility revelations.

Hidden Problems That Affect Fertility

The 41-year-old Wilson revealed that her doctor told her she would have a better chance of becoming pregnant if she were healthier. She admitted that she was offended by the doctor’s comment at the time because she thought she was healthy exactly as she was. Nevertheless, this conversation spurred a weight loss journey for Wilson – but she has still admitted to facing fertility setbacks.

You may take excellent care of yourself too and consider yourself healthy. But you still aren’t getting pregnant. When you’re in that space, there could be things going on within your body that you don’t know about and that your regular doctor has never investigated:

These conditions can have everything to do with your fertility. Addressing them head-on has made it possible for many women to conceive naturally, without the physical and financial stress of IVF.

Infertility Does Not Discriminate

Celebrities who share their fertility journeys make this health matter relatable, universal, real. So many people suffer in silence about their infertility struggles, and you shouldn’t feel like you must do that. Stars like Anne Hathaway, Beyonce, Jaime King, Gabrielle Union, Cameron Diaz, and Kim Kardashian have felt what you’re feeling – and they have all walked different paths to get to their children.

Your journey to conception doesn’t have to be a straight line, but it can be easier than what you’re going through right now. Don’t be ashamed if you are struggling to conceive. Seek help and improve your chances of conceiving naturally through a customized program from Efforos.

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